Recreational Horse Trails in Rural and Wildland Areas:
Design, Construction and Maintenance

Recreational Horse Trails in Rural and Wildland Areas

Gene W. Wood, Principal Author and Editor - With contributions from 16 contributing authors from around the nation.

This is the first equestrian trails book of its kind and covers a broad array of topics. Designed as a textbook as opposed to a "how to do it" manual, the book guides readers in how to fit design, construction, and maintenance of equestrian trails to the environments in which they work, as well as the kinds and intensities of use that their trails will receive. Readers are frequently reminded that the trail must fit ecosystem capacities to accommodate sustainable equestrian use.

The book is in full color with 256 numbered pages covering 14 chapters and 6 appendices that contain 214 figures and 23 data tables.

Price: $50.00