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We are a non-profit, student-organized club that provides students with many opportunities to enhance their learning experience while attending Clemson University.  Most of our members major in horticulture or a related field of study; however, some members minor in horticulture or just enjoy participating in club activities.

Mission Statement:  To provide students in Horticulture a way to gain practical experience, networking skills, and continued education from leaders in the green industry.

Purpose:  To offer opportunities for students to gain practical, hands-on experience and to network with leaders in the green industry. We believe that if we as students can make application to the principles we have learned in a classroom setting, both our desire to learn more and ability to make practical applications of the material taught increases greatly.  The club offers opportunities for students to be exposed to various facets of the green industry, hoping to provide them with a career path that has been thought out and experienced.

Funding:  Our financial support comes from various activities, sale of merchandise including plant sales, sponsorships, and donations.


  • Monthly meetings
  • Guest speakers
  • Field trips
  • Plant Sales
  • Conferences 

For information about upcoming and past events, officers and alumni, visit the links to the left.

Clemson University Horticulture Club
School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences
E-143 Poole Ag. Center
P. O. Box 340319
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0319

Please send questions and comments to Dr. Sarah White, Faculty Advisor.