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Project GoalPost!

Clemson City Hall Planting

Project GoalPOST!

Elementary School Class & Horticulture Club Members

Planting activity in March 2011 at Spearman Elementary School.  Horticulture Club members visited local elementary school and:

  1. Showed students pre-germinated lima beans in clear bags.  Students could see the 1st root emerge and young leaf development. Had seeds for students to wet so they could observe root and leaf development of their own beans over the following weeks at home and teach them to eventually transplant them to the ground.
  2. Had each child plant a couple of seeds (probably a fast-growing flower variety) in a pot, water it, and take it home as well.
  3. Gave the students a card with watering/care instructions for their container seedlings and a small gardening gift (something to use at home with their families).

Jaime, Katie, and Grady setup, taught, and learned with the enthusiastic elementary students during this service activity.

Setup for Project GoalPost! Setup for Project GoalPOST

 Lima bean example Class demonstration
potting seeds up teaching the students

Teaching the students Teaching the students

Thanks from the School

Subject: Thank you from GoalPOST!

Hello! My name is Katie Bucherati & I wanted to personally thank you on behalf of Project GoalPOST for providing funding through your horticulture club for the planting activity that our students got to participate in yesterday. All of the students in our afterschool program that took part in it were so genuinely excited to grow & take care of the plants that they were able to take home! The entire activity really went so well, and Katie, Grady, & Jamie did an excellent job teaching the students & helping them get their plants ready to grow. After seeing how engaged our students were & hearing all of the positive commentary from the other teachers at GoalPOST (including our site coordinator at Spearman Elem., Jan White) I am so glad that Grady's idea for this actually worked out, and I'm thankful to Katie for making the planning process so easy, too.

So, thank you again for your generous contribution to this activity -- it was such an enriching opportunity for our kids & we really appreciated all that Clemson's Horticulture Club did to make it happen!

Take care,
Katie Bucherati


Subject: Horticulture Club Visit

I am the site coordinator for the afterschool program at Spearman Elementary and wanted to thank you personally for allowing your group of students to visit us.  The Clemson students did a fantastic job!  Our kids thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot from the members of your club.  The afterschoolers were thrilled to get their bags of goodies!  I know they will enjoy nurturing their seeds and watching them grow into beautiful plants.

Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful project!

Jan White
Academic Assistance Teacher
GoalPOST Site Coordinator
Spearman Elementary



Clemson City Hall Planting

October 10, 2010 - Major city hall landscape installation. 

measuring hole for planting evergreen shrub measuring root ball of evergreen shrub Packing the bottom of the hole

Large evergreen shrub planted

Measuring root ball measuring depth of root ball with shovel Measuring root ball

All Large Evergreen Shrubs Planted

Shrubs at rear of Clemson Municipal Building