Hort 303: Plant Materials

Dr. Jeff Adelberg
247 Poole Agricultural Center
(864) 656-3011
(864) 656-4960

Course Description:

Woody ornamental plants and their aesthetic uses in the landscape.  The study covers habit of growth, ultimate size, texture, period of bloom, color, cultural requirements and identification.

Credits:  3 hours of undergraduate credit
Course Objectives: T o study the identification, habit of growth, hardiness, texture, ultimate size, period of bloom and culture of landscape plants.  To study the aesthetic and functional use of landscape plants.

Topical Outline:

  • Large Trees - Evergreen and Deciduous
  • Small trees - Evergreen and Deciduous
  • Shrubs 6-12' - Evergreen and Deciduous
  • Shrubs 4-6' - Evergreen and Deciduous
  • Shrubs 1-4' - Evergreen and Deciduous
  • Vines-Evergreen and Deciduous
  • Ground Covers - Evergreens and Deciduous

Lecture will be presented with use of slides.  Students will be responsible for material in lecture and from the book.

Course Requirements/Evaluation and Attendance:

(All tests will be written)

  • Lecture Test I = 20%
  • Lecture Test II = 20%
  • Final Exam (comprehensive) = 20%
  • Pop Test (2 lowest will be dropped) = 10%
  • Laboratory = 30%
  • Total = 100%
  • Students are expected to attend all classes.  If you miss a class, you will be held responsible for the material covered and for any announcements.  If you are absent when a pop test is given, then you will receive a grade of 0 for that test (no make-ups for pop tests!)
  • If you miss a major test, then you will receive a grade of 0 for that test, unless you have a valid excuse (as determined by the instructor), in which case you may take a make-up.  To be eligible for a make-up, you should contact the instructor before your test to discuss your situation.  You may also be required to submit a written excuse and/or other documentation for your abscence.   In all cases, the instructor has the right to determine whether your excuse is or is not valid.  Make-up tests for those with excused absences will be given at the same time as the final exam.
  • If the instructor (or substitute) is not present at the beginning of a class, you should wait for 15 minutes before you leave.