Hort 304 Annuals and Perennials

Jim Faust, Ph.D
Office: 169 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-4966
FAX: 864-656-4960
E-mail: jfaust@clemson.edu

Course Description:

 At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify 200+ herbaceous plants grown in the southeastern United States by genus, species, family and common name.
  • Discuss the cultural requirements, landscape uses and landscape performance of all of the herbaceous plants of commercial importance in SC.
  • Design, install and maintain herbaceous plants in the landscape.
  • Understand the herbaceous plant distribution chain.  

Required Text:

  • Herbaceous Perennial Plants. Allan Armitage. Varsity Press Inc.
  • Taylor’s Guide to Annuals. Norman Taylor. Houghton Mifflin Co. 

Recommended Book: 
Dictionary of Plant Names. Allen J. Coombes. Timber Press.

Attendance and Class Policy

Punctual attendance and participation are expected for all class meetings.

Lab Maintenance: Students are expected to maintain the appearance of the lab.
Grading Policy: (All exams and tests are cumulative!)

Test I
Test II 15%
Test III
Final Exam
Field Trip Impact Paper 10%
Term Project Design
Term Project Installation

Grading Scale:
A = 90%+
B = 80 to 89.9%
C = 70 to 79.9%
D = 60 to 69.9%
F = <60%
(Grades will not be placed on a curve.)


The university policy on academic dishonesty is outlined in the student handbook.  Please read this section and know that academic dishonesty will result in an "F" in this course.

Extra Credit:

Students will receive extra credit, if you can learn the names of all of your classmates before me.  At the beginning of each class, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate that you can name each of your colleagues.  Each student will have only one chance at this opportunity.