Learning and Working

Adam Tenry pushes the wheelbarrow uphill with another load of hardwood bark mulch. We learned the importance of mulch and the importance of having it dumped uphill from the site.   Carl Muzi teaches us about retaining walls, their importance on steep slopes and materials. Professor Haque reinforces these lessons and taught us about "pillasters" and "weepholes." 
Wheelbarrow of Mulch Retaining wall


Michael is another person who moved a lot of mulch around on the Holly Hill site.  Mulch is important because it holds moisture, moderates temperatures, controls weeds and more.
One of the first jobs we had to do at Holly Hill was to remove limbs and brush before we could mulch and plant. This is only some of the brush and limbs we removed.
Moving mulch Brush and limbs


Plants arrive and are ready for planting. One of the skills students learned was to use the plant list in getting and comparing costs and benefits of buying from a certain nursery.
Students also did an estimate on soil and mulch needed and arranged for delivery.
Plants arrived Close look at plants


In the classroom, students learn proper techniques for planting trees and shrubs. Here Brent gets to put this training to good use as he plants a crapemyrtle.
Karl taught us how to use boulders to stablize a steep slope and add a natural look. Here he works with
Planting shrubs Stabilizing with boulders


Here students are learning about a relatively new process in which pre-poured concrete can be etched and colored to looked like natural stone.
One of the hazards of the work was fire ants.  Another lesson learned--to keep an eye out for those little piles of loose soil.
Learning about concrete etching Loose soil


Deana is planting shrubs along the front of the house and along the walkway. Deana is a good worker and put up with hard work and fire ants as well as any of the guys.
Jason Somerville gets the plants ready for installation. Planting was delayed several times due to construction not being completed on time. Another one of the common problems landscape  professionals must deal with.
Planting shrubs Unloading plants


Greg planting shrubs along the lower retaining wall.
Karl and Professor Haque make modifications in our plan needed to adjust to an everchanging work schedule.
Planting shrubs Plan modifications


Nick spreads mulch around the hill along the walk way. Break time. Neil and Carl cool off with ice pops provided by Tommye Hurst.  Carl (on the right), was responsible for keeping records of man-hours utilized on the Holly Hill project.
Spreading mulch Eating ice pops


Jason and Adam are planting a Japanese maple on the ravine slope in front of the house.  
Project coordinators confer during a break. Another aspect common to the work of landscape professionals is being flexible.  These three had to confer frequently to deal with unforseen  delays and obstacles.
Planting a tree Coordinators discussion


Craig Madera begins construction of a compost bin at Clemson Elementary School.
Carl Zoellnes installs bird boxes at Clemson Elementary School.
Building a bin Bird box installation


Craig Madera (left) and Carl Zoellnes (right) complete construction of a compost bin for Clemson Elementary School.
Completed bin