Hospice of the Upstate

Stained glass eagle
"Hospice originated in Medieval Europe. It described a place where travelers, weary from journeys, could seek shelter, nourishment, and rest. Today, the Hospice concept has been adapted to mean a program of care which meets the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of individuals during their last stage of life. Hospice is now a coordinated program of care which treats the patient and family as a unit. An interdisciplinary team of professionals provide the necessary care to meet the special needs that arise out of the crisis of a terminal illness."


Students Brain Smith and Patrick Pruitt plant on the side of the hill on the Hospice site.  The plant material and mulching will greatly reduce erosion on the hillside.



Planting Trees

 HORT 400 students planting lare willow oaks by the sidewalk for much needed shade and beauty by the parking area.

Planting trees


Adding Plants 

HORT 400 students planting in the islands leading into the parking area for seasonal color and interest.

Planting plants

Labyrinth and Arbor Design 

A Landscape Architecture student (left) designed the labrynth and arbor for the back portion of
the Hospice for residents and their families to use. 

Labyrinth design

Design Evaluation 

Student Brad Stober making sure that the labrynth paths are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Labyrinth test