Hort 406/606 Nursery Technology

Dr. Ted Whitwell
172 Poole Ag. Center
(864) 656-4971
(864) 656-4960

Office Hours: By appointment.

Attendance Policy:

Regular and punctual attendance at all class and laboratory sessions is the responsibility of each student. Only medical abscences for examinationation periods will be accepted to make up missed exams. Students are authorized to leave 15 min. after the published meeting time if the instructor does not meet the class or make other arrangements.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic misconduct (cheating) will not be tolerated in any form in this class. Students should carefully read and understand the consequences as defined in the Clemson University Announcements.

Required Text:

Nursery Management 3rd Ed. Davidson, Mecklenberg and Peterson, Prentice Hall Publishers.

Class Goals For the Semester

  • Obtain an overview the Nursery Industry and explore opportunities for employment.
  • Plan and design a nursery including marketing strategies.
  • Develop problem solving capabilities for environmental issues in the Nursery Industry.
  • Increase knowledge and application of technology to solve problems.
  • Understand management principles required for a successful nursery.

Lecture Outline and Text Readings


  • Course Overview
  • History of Nursery Industry, Ch. 1
  • Organization of Nursery Industry, Ch. 2
  • Nursery Site Selection, Ch. 4
  • Organization and Laws, Ch. 5, 6
  • Financial Management and Marketing, Ch. 7, 8
  • 1st Hour Exam
  • Inventory and Shipping, Ch. 9 & 10
  • Nutrition Management, Ch. 11
  • Media and Fertilizers, Ch. 12
  • Water Quality, Irrigation and Runoff Control, Ch. 13
  • Modify Plant Growth, Ch. 14
  • 2nd Hour Exam
  • Weed Management, Ch. 15
  • Integrated Pest Management, Ch. 15
  • New Technology, Ch. 16
  • Final Exam