Work by Morry Freeman

Viewing Time Through the Seasons

The students at Daniel High School in Clemson, SC have found an opportunity on their school grounds to provide a Memorial garden for all of the young people who have passed on while attending Daniel High. The students gave the Clemson University Horticulture 461 class an idea of what they wanted their memorial courtyard to look like, hoping for some guidance toward plant material. The objectives were to keep the cost of materials to a minimum, find easily accessible plant material, and use the knowledge taught through Hort. 461 to find the most appropriate plant material.

As, a secondary project, the Hort. 461 class was to design a construction detail of a trellis. This trellis will be built by a group of Eagle Scouts, outside the front doors of the main entrance.
The plan that was given to the Clemson students was a circular destination with a water fountain in the middle, a planting bed around it, as well as a walk, and another planting bed. The path was a linear path cutting through the middle of the courtyard. In Renee and Morri's design, the only thing that was changed was the pathways leading to the circular destination. Instead of the linear pathway cutting through the courtyard, this team chose to create accessibility from all three doorways that open into the courtyard.

The concept for Renee and Morri's particular project was to create a space that can be appreciated through one of the many windows that surround the space, as well as can be appreciated while in the space. This becomes possible with the mixture of colors and textures that exist during different seasons of the year. Each season of the year is defined by the blooming of flowers in the spring, the lush green of summer, the warm colors of the fall, and a hint of color in the drab winter days.

The plant list includes three varieties of Azaleas, Butterfly Bush, and Lily of the Nile for spring color, along with the existing Dogwoods.