Photos of Students Working on the Project

Below are photos of Clemson University students working on the project.  Students in this HORT 461 project, "Problems in Landscape Design",included Michael Anaya, Renee Boyer, Valerie Forth, Morris Freeman, Jr., Adrian Henson, Jason Horton, Jeremy Kelly,Tiffany May, Adam Ormsbee, Michael Parks, Mark Sartain, Diane Schillow, Jason Somerville, Amy Sturdy,Jeremy Thorne, Nathan Tidd, Carmen Turner, and John White.

Church building 

Students surveying 

 Students outside church

Students outside church 

Students near church

Parking lot side of church

Large white house

Trucks between buildings

Wooded side of church

front of church

Front of entire church 

Side front of church

Side of church

Two buildings

Field by church

Side of church