Planting Trees, Making Cages, and Mulching Trees

Joseph Bowden
Sans Souci Intermediate and Code Elementary School

Joseph's presentation (PDF)

Student drawing a large circle in front of children Joseph had planned to plant trees at Code Elementary. Yet it rained again today.

"Rain, rain, go away, come again another day."

"A garden must be looked unto and dressed, as the body." - George Herber
Joseph taught the students about the diameter of a circle while teaching them to build protection cages for the trees they were supposed to plant. Joseph did return to the school on a later date to plant the trees. While planting the trees, one of the students asked, "Are we planting a forest?" Student teaching children 
 Kids help mulch Joseph also planted 4 trees at Sans Souci Intermediate School. He mulched the new trees as well as the existing trees on the school grounds.
Joseph explained to the elementary students the importance of watering the trees and the importance of breaking up the rootball. Kids watering newly-planted tree 
Kids continue to water "It is great to be able to teach young people about gardening, something that is such a passion for me." - Joseph Bowden 
 "Helping hands." Rebecca and a Sans Souci student backfill with the native soil.Rebecca and a Sans Souci student backfill with the native soil. 
 Kids find grubs and worms while plantingWhile planting the trees many different organisms - like grubs and worms - were found. It was fun to see the children's faces light up when they found these creatures.

"Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher." - William Wordsworth