Laboratory workWithin Environmental Horticulture, there are six on-campus laboratories that are used extensively in research.

  • One lab is equipped for enzymology and carbohydrate analysis including a state-of-the-art Dionex DX-300 computer controlled metal-free chromatograph with autosampler and gradiant capabilities with pulsed electrochemical detection. 
  • There is also a walk-in cold room containing a Bio-Rad EconoSystem and columns for enzyme purification and assay. 
  • The adjacent lab is also well equipped for carbohydrate work and postharvest physiology of fruits and ornamentals.  This lab contains a fume hood, Waters automated high performance liquid chromatography unit equipped for carbohydrate and pigment analysis, gas chromatographs (for ethylene and respiration studies), free standing incubators, and other equipment. Both this lab and a third one are also well equipped for light quality research, e.g. effects of light quality on tissue culture growth, postharvest storage, etc. 
  • The fourth lab is used for herbicide physiology research.  Biotechnology facilities are housed in a recently remodeled multidisciplinary laboratory.  This lab and others on campus (within the Biological Sciences group) are involved in constructing genome maps. 
  • Housed in Long Hall is a superbly equipped multi-user facility with numerous pieces of equipment such as HPLC and GS-MS that is very useful for herbicide residue work, as an example.