CU PLANET Team Skyrockets to 16th in Competition

PLANET Team at CompetitionPLANET, the Professional Landcare Network, is an international association serving lawn care professionals, landscape management contractors, design/build/installation professionals, and interior plantscapers.  PLANET annually hosts Student Career Days, a three-day competitive event among students enrolled in horticulture programs from colleges and universities across the country. The students have the chance to compete in events that are directly related to the skills necessary for a career in the green industry. The event also offers a Career Fair which gives the students the opportunity to meet prospective employers in the industry and discuss employment opportunities.

This year (2010) Clemson University's Team placed 16th in the PLANET Student Career Days competition, which was held at Chattahoochee Technical College—North Metro Campus in Atlanta, GA, from April 9-11.  822 students from 67 colleges and universities participated in 24 competitive activities.  Clemson students placed higher than many larger teams, including neighboring Auburn, Univ. of Florida, and Univ. of Tennessee. 

Congratulations to the Clemson Team members on the following rankings:

  • 3rd Place, Personnel Management (Brad Fowler and Amanda Cihlar)
  • 7th Place, Leadership Skills (Amanda Cihlar)
  • 11th Place, Landscape Plant Installation (Brad Fowler, Myles Close and Amanda Cihlar)
  • 12th Place, Irrigation Assembly (Erik Healy and Myles Close)
  • 13th Place, Irrigation Design (Jonathan Holmes)
  • 15th Place, Construction Cost Estimation (Erik Healy)
  • 17th Place, Compact Excavator Operation (Jonathan Holmes)
  • 19th Place, Maintenance Cost Estimation (Brad Fowler)

Three students—Myles Close, Erik Healy and Amanda Cihlar—ranked in the top 100 students, and four other students scored among the top 200.   Two students made record high scores for Clemson—Kyle Worthy with a 99.5 in Landscape Maintenance Operations and Erik Healy with a 90 in Construction Cost Estimation.  Coaches were Dr. Jeanne Briggs and Dr. Bob Polomski.