PES Admission Process

General requirements for acceptance include:

-  a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, with the equivalent of an undergraduate major in biological, agricultural, environmental or related sciences.

-  general test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

-  satisfactory scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are required for international students whose native language is not English.

The effective admission process:

  1. It is recommended that applicants learn about Clemson University's admission requirements and begin applying at the CU Graduate School website
    Go to Clemson University Admission Requirements > >
    Go to Clemson University Graduate School website > >
  2. Applicants must find a faculty member who will agree to be their major advisor, before being admitted to the PES Graduate Program. Applicants must contact PES faculty members whose research programs align with their educational goals and professional interests.
  3. Once an application is complete, the application is evaluated by the PES faculty, who make a recommendation regarding the acceptability of the applicant.
  4. The Graduate School mails a letter of acceptance, which includes a date by which the student must respond. In certain cases, admittance may be provisional (at the department's request) or postponed (at the candidate's request).
  5. There is no official application deadline, however, taking into consideration the time it takes for application materials to post to the Graduate School online system, and then to be circulated throughout the PES Faculty and be evaluated by the PES graduate admission committee, the earlier you complete the application process, the better.

For more information, contact Dr. Paula Agudelo, 864-656-5741 or