PES Graduate Program Faculty (A-Z)

Faculty Member Contact InfoResearch Area
Abbott, A. G. Plant Molecular Genetics
Adelberg, J.W. Plant Physiology, In Vitro Propagation
Agudelo, P. Plant Pathology, Nematology
Andrae, J.G. Forage Establishment, Management and Grazing Systems
Ballard, R.E. Plant Systematics
Bielenberg, D.G. Stress Physiology and Stress Molecular Mechanisms
Culin, J.D. Plant-Insect Interaction
DeWalt, S.J. Plant Population and Community Ecology
Faust, J.E. Floriculture Physiology
Feltus, A. Bioinformatics, Network Biology, Comparative Genomics
Fortnum, B.A. Etiology and Epidemiology of Solanaceous Diseases
Frederick, J.R. Switchgrass as a Biofuel
Gasic, K. Peach Cultivar Breeding, with Emphasis on Molecular Genetic Tools
Hassell, R.L. Vegetable Physiology and Production
Jeffers, S.N. Plant Pathology, Ornamental Crops and Trees
Jones, M.A. Cotton Management and Production
Keinath, A.P. Plant Pathology, Vegetables
Kerrigan, J.L. Plant Pathology, Mycology
Liu, Haibo Turfgrass Physiology, Stress and Pest Management
Luo, Hong Transgenic Plant Genetics
Martin, S.B. Plant Pathology, Turfgrasses
Marshall, M.W. Weed Science
McCarty, L.B. Turfgrass Management, Physiology and Pest Management
McMillan, P.D. Curator, Campbell Museum
Mueller, J.D. Plant Pathology, Field Crops, Nematology
Park, D.M. Soil and Water Interactions in Turfgrass
Reighard, G.L. Fruit Tree Culture, Physiology, and Genetics
Schnabel, G. Plant pathology, Peaches and Small fruits
Scott, S.W. Plant Pathology, Virology
Spira, T.P. Plant Ecology, Evolution and Conservation
Tharayil, Nishanth Plant Ecophysiology
Wells, C.E. Root Demography, Physiology and Senescence
White, S.A. Phytoremediation, Constructed Wetlands, & Water Quality
Whitwell, T. Environmental Remediation and Weed Science
Zehnder, G.W. Sustainable Agriculture



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