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Contact InfoDegreeMajor Advisor(s)Research Emphasis
Ahmed, Saleh Ph.D. P. Agudelo Use of plant extracts for biological control of plant nematodes
Alwan, Mostafa Ph.D. N. Tharayil Effects of differing pH levels in irrigation water on plant growth
Atkinson, Jeffrey Ph.D. L. McCarty Turfgrass
Aultman, Sherry M.S. J. Kerrigan Development of a citizen survey toolkit for invasive pests of plants
Bethea, Frank "Gib" Ph.D. H. Liu Correlating the Cuticle Layer with Foliar Absorption
Blackwell, Amy Ph.D. P. McMillan Remaking the botanical garden as a scientific and conservation institution
Brown, Philip Ph.D. V. Quisenberry Hydrology of septic drainlines
Burrell, Ralph M.S. G. Reighard Fruit tree physiology
Byrd, Renee Ph.D. M. Haque  
Canegallo, Alejandro Ph.D. S.B. Martin Ophiosphaerella species: Characterization and control of Spring Dead Spot Disease on Bermudagrass in SC and Argentina
Crooks, Jeremy Ph.D. J. Faust Physiology of unrooted cuttings in propagation
Cross, Robert M.S. L. McCarty Turfgrass
Daley, James M.S. R. Hassell
Daley, Shawna M.S. R. Hassell
Drechsler, Daniel M.S. S. Jeffers Phytophthora species in herbaceous perennials
Driesse, Todd M.S. J. Adelberg
El-Hawaz, Rabia Ph.D. J. Adelberg  Regulation of medicianl compunds in turmeric by mineral factors
Ficklin, Stephen Ph.D. A. Feltus Gene co-expression networks in rice
Frett, T.J. M.S. K. Gasic Peach breeding

Fu, Zhen

Ph.D. P. Agudelo Biology and ecology of foliar nematode (Aphelenchoides fragariae) in ornamental plant species
Gunter, David Ph.D. M. Jones Glyphosate resistant Palmer amaranth for row crops in SC
Hansen, Zach M.S. A. Keinath Biofumigation: Using Brassica Green Manures to Control Root Rot in Vegetables
Harrell, Jack M.S. Non-thesis L. McCarty Turfgrass
Henderson, Russell Ph.D. B. Fortnum
Holguin, Claudia Ph.D. P. Agudelo Ecology and phylogeography of Hoplolaimus columbus on cotton
Hou, Jing M.S. P. Wiatrak
Hubbard, Lewis Ph.D. L. McCarty Turfgrass 
Johnson, Jenesis M.S. G. Zehnder  
Joseph, Dwayne M.S. M. Marshall
Justice, Allison Ph.D. J. Faust Maximizing cutting longevity and performance of poinsettias and geraniums
Landry, Robin M.S. L. McCarty Humectant and Soil Surfactant effects on Bentgrass and Bermudagrass
Li, Xingpeng Ph.D. G. Schnabel Fungicide Resistance of the Botrytis species
Makhdora, Almuziny Ph.D. N. Tharayil
Markovic, Sean M.S. G. Reighard  
Marvin, Jeffrey Ph.D. L. McCarty Organically grown golf courses -fact or fantasy
Menchyk, Nicholas Ph.D. H. Liu Foliar nitrogen fertility under environmental stress
Murday, Elspeth Ph.D. C. Wells Endoreduplication and agronomic traits
Parris, Kevin Ph.D. P. McMillan Genetic diversity in genus Magnolia
Poudel, Bindu Ph.D. S. Scott
Reighard, Shane Ph.D. H. Luo Abiotic stress response genes in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ridge, Garrett M.S. S. White Susceptibility of wetland plants to species of Phytophthora present in agricultural runoff water
Robb, David M.S. G. Zehnder  
Roberson, L. Brinkley M.S. Non-thesis L. McCarty Turfgrass
Shaver, Bradley Ph.D. B. Martin
Stokes, Jacob M.S. M. Marshall Management of glyphosate resistant (GR) Palmer Amaranth in cotton and soybeans
Sweeney, Jason M.S. M. Jones  
Tamura, Mioko Ph.D. N. Tharayil Soil Polyphenol Dynamics and Secondary Metabolite Physiology in Plants
Ward, Brian Ph.D. R. DuFault Development of a biologically enhanced nitrogen source for prescription fertilization of organic vegetables
Yang, Nannan Ph.D. K. Gasic Peach genes for bacterial spot resistance