2012 CAFLS New Faculty and Staff Members

Animal and Veterinary Science

Nathan M. Long, PhD, Assistant Professor and Ruminant Nutritionist, joins AVS from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he served as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate. He received his PhD in Animal Breeding and Reproduction from Oklahoma State University.

Richelle L. Miller, Lecturer, joins AVS from North Dakota State University where she was a former Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant. She received her MS in Animal Science from North Dakota State University.

Garrett Steede, Lecturer, received his MS from Mississippi State University. He currently teaches courses primarily related to food animal production, including the laboratory portion of the introductory animal science course and meats processing.

Rebecca Shirley, promoted to Lecturer.

Kathryn T. Still joins the department as Student Services Program Coordinator. She coordinates information and records for undergraduate students, distributes correspondence and mail-outs to students accepted in the AVS Department, and also updates and maintains the AVS website and graphics.

Biological Sciences

Barbara J. Campbell, PhD, joins the Department of Biological Sciences as Assistant Professor and Microbial Ecologist. She was formerly with the University of Delaware where she served as Research Assistant Professor. She received her PhD in Microbiology from Cornell University.

Kalan L. Ickes, PhD, became a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences in February 2012. His research interests are primarily in the areas of plant-animal interactions, plant ecology, and community ecology in tropical rain forests. He received his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh in 2003 and his PhD from Louisiana State University in 2001.

Michael H. Sears, PhD, Assistant Professor, joins the Department of Biological Sciences from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania where he served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology. He received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

John A. Smink, Wildlife Biologist in the Department of Biological Sciences. He will be managing the Aquatics Facility in the P&A building.

Joseph P. Thames, Student Services Program Coordinator.

Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences

Christina Dawn Boggs has joined the Department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences as Accountant/Fiscal Analyst.

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences (SAFES)

Russell K. Barrett, PhD, “Kyle” Barrett joins SAFES as Assistant Professor and Aquatic Ecologist. He was previously with the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia. He received his PhD in Biology from Auburn University in 2009.

Donald L. Hagan, PhD, joins SAFES as a Lecturer with interests in dendrology, forest ecology, forest soils, and invasion ecology. He received his PhD in Forest Ecology/Soils in 2012 from the University of Florida.

Robin E. Long, Lecturer, will assist in the SAFES Agricultural Education Program. She received her Master of Agriculture Degree from Oklahoma State University.

Hunter F. Massey, Lecturer, will be teaching courses in Agricultural Mechanization and Business. He received his MS degree in Agricultural Education from Clemson University.

Shari Lynn Rodriguez, PhD, joins SAFES as a Lecturer in Wildlife Biology. She received her PhD in 2012 from North Carolina State University in Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology.

Jonathan R. Veit, Public Information Coordinator, will promote SAFES faculty accomplishments and awards, student achievements and awards, and SAFES programs with press releases and articles. He will also manage the SAFES website.