Akendra Jackson

Nutrition Educator Assistant
Berkeley County Cooperative Extension Office, Charleston County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Berkeley/Charleston Counties
Phone: 843-719-4140
Fax: (843)761-4221

Email: akendrb@clemson.edu
Personal Website: http://www.clemson.edu/efnep

 Educational Background


Akendra Jackson has been working with Clemson University's Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, EFNEP, for eight years as a Nutrition Educator Assistant. Akendra serves Berkeley County were she offers fun, innovative, interactive learning opportunities on physical activity and healthier eating habits to EFNEP participants. The EFNEP program is designed to stimulate all of the senses and use color, music, children’s storybooks, and exploration of the senses to teach children/adults that healthy foods and physical activities are important! For Akendra, the most rewarding part of EFNEP is meeting new people and teaching them things that can last a life time. Akendra loves the fact that her participants leave with the realization that changing certain habits are not always easy, but necessary for better health. Akendra’s favorite quote is “Let’s continue to keep our clients on the right track by enabling them to enjoy better health”.

 Extension and Outreach

- State EFNEP Advisory Committee member
- Teen Parent/Pregnancy curriculum committee member