R. David Lamie

Associate Professor of Agribusiness and Rural Development
Extension Emerging and Small Farms Programs
Agribusiness Program Team, Agricultural Sciences Department, Sandhill Research and Education Center

Office: Sandhill REC
Phone: 803-788-5700
Email: dlamie@clemson.edu


 Educational Background

PhD Applied Economics: Regional Economics Specialization
Clemson University 1996

MS Agricultural Economics:Public Policy Concentration
Purdue University 1989

BS Agricultural Economics
Purdue University 1987


Dr. Lamie joined Clemson University in 2005. He has previously worked with the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Virginia Tech, and Purdue University in Extension/Outreach capacities. His Extension program at Clemson currently focuses on emerging and small farms and local/regional/community food systems initiatives. He also has experience with community, county, and regional level strategic visioning and planning, rural broadband access and effective use, use value taxation, and economic and fiscal impact assessment.

 Extension and Outreach

Stronger Economies Together (SET) Program - Clemson Extension Lead (December 2015 – present) Appointed by Clemson University Director of Extension to lead grant writing effort in collaboration with USDA-Rural Development, South Carolina State University, and the Southern Rural Development Center.

Clemson Extension Emerging and Small Farm Programs Director (March 2015 - present) Appointed by Clemson University Director of Extension to develop plan and lead this program area.

South Carolina New and Beginning Farmer Program - Director (October 2010 – present)
Secured funding for USDA-NIFA funded project that builds capacity in new and beginning farmers through training in a wide variety of farm management, entrepreneurship, and environmental resource stewardship topics; an apprenticeship program, and a farmer mentor program. Managed program staff and volunteers, managed $250,000 annual budget that involved two sub-contractors, generated program sponsorships, organized statewide advisory committee of key stakeholders, developed program components and materials, identified and organized guest speakers, recruited participants, organized farm tours and other learning opportunities for participants, and led evaluation of program. Program was very well received by both participants and stakeholder organizations.

South Carolina Food Policy Council – Chair (August 2012 – December 2015)
Appointed to Board and Elected Chair in 2012. Responsible for overall well-being of collaborative networking organization and for representing organization in public meetings. Led organization to deliver three public events focused on solutions for overcoming food deserts, community food system infrastructure, and statewide networking for enhanced inter-organizational collaboration and communication. Facilitated the development of the organization’s first strategic plan and put in place measures to enhance organizational sustainability.

South Carolina Lead on Southern Rural Development Center Local Food Systems Extension Committee (2014 – present, invited).
Developed directory of southern region Land Grant assets involved in local food systems. Helped organize southern region local foods conference near Washington, DC in August 2015 that attracted approximately 80 noteworthy participants. In the process of co-leading a comprehensive Extension project (SERA) to underpin this Southern region effort.

Midlands Local Food Collaborative – Chair (February 2015 - present)
An inter-agency networking organization that facilitates communication and collaboration across agency and organizational stakeholders in the eight-county region in the state capital region of South Carolina.

American Origin Products Research Foundation Vice President (2015 – present)
The American Origin Products Research Foundation creates research collaborations contributing to the sustainability of American Origin Products and producer communities.  Involved in Southeast region effort to identify American Origin Products; at national level to provide economic impact evaluation; and as Vice President of AOPRF since early 2015.

South Carolina Lead on USDA-AMSTA Program (2015-present)
Delivering training for USDA-AMS grant opportunities for community, county, and regional non-profits, government agencies, and activists focused on local food system development and farmers market promotion efforts. First year of programming has significantly increased number of applications to USDA and resulted in at least three funded projects.

South Carolina Lead on SSARE-Funded Local Food Systems for Extension Agents (2014-present).
Multi-state (NC, VA, SC) collaborative project to develop and implement local food systems graduate level course to county Extension Agents. Serve on Advisory Committee, several curriculum development sub-committees, and as presenter of workshops focused on the business development and economic and social impact aspects of local food system development.

South Carolina Lead on Southern Risk Management Education Center Local Food Systems Research Committee (2014 – present, invited). Developing monographs and other research-based products for publication on their website and in peer-reviewed outlets. Effort has resulted in several peer-reviewed manuscripts already with several more in the pipeline. Contribution thus far has been an article focused on the need for multi-disciplinary involvement in the evaluation of community food systems development initiatives. The next article will focus on strategic visioning and planning as it relates to community food system development. Tim Woods (University of Kentucky) is leading this effort with the Center.

South Carolina Agribusiness and Farm Expo – Beginning and Small Farms Program Chair (2013-2015) Coordinated and delivered full-day educational programs with involvement from federal, state, and local government and NGO speakers.

Clemson Community Food Systems Extension Program (2013-present)
In collaboration with others, organized a two-day planning event that culminated in a program plan for the Director of Extension. Prior to this activity, organized a campus-wide Clemson Local Food Systems Summit that involved Research, Teaching, and Extension/Outreach faculty and students working in this emerging area.

South Carolina Agriculture Council – Leadership Committee (2012 – present)
SC Ag Council is a long-standing multi-agency/organization networking organization that facilitates relationships amongst key stakeholders, agency personnel, and retirees interested in the vitality of the agriculture industry in South Carolina. Primary involvement is to assist with identification of speakers for quarterly meetings and in the development of bi-annual study tours.

Clemson Representative for Regional Research Project S1067 - Specialty Crops and Food Systems: Exploring Markets, Supply Chains and Policy Dimensions (2010 – present)

South Carolina MarketMaker Project Leader (July 2007 – present)
Secured funding and coordinating all aspects of the development and deployment of an interactive, database-driven, GIS-capable website to support the food supply chain in South Carolina. Responsible for inclusion of seafood in national MarketMaker project (Farm Credit Council Innovation Award – 2010). Current focus is to leverage this system to support regional food system development efforts with effective web presence.

MarketMaker National Evaluation Committee Chair (2007 – 2014)
Developed and implemented evaluation framework for individual state and national efforts. Secured two rounds of USDA-FSMIP funding to operationalize research. Currently working with colleagues to design and implement continuous improvement process for the MarketMaker program nationally.

European Union/France Study Abroad Team Leader (Spring 2007 – present)
Actively involved in relation-building and coordinating with AgroSup-Dijon, one of the five institutions of higher learning in agriculture recognized by the French Ministry of Agriculture as centers of excellence, to institute a study abroad program and to explore additional cultural and knowledge exchange opportunities for Clemson and AgoSup-Dijon students and faculty. Coordinated and financially supported four AgroSup-Dijon interns whose work centered on economic aspects of the Clemson Organic Farm and fruit tree research. Organized and delivered study tours in France, Germany, and Switzerland titled “Local and Regional Food Systems in a Global Economy”, involving students and colleagues from the University of Kentucky.

Graduate Advisor (2005 – present)
Mentoring and Advising Graduate Students and Supervising Student and Professional Staff. Served as Chair of two doctoral students in the Policy Studies program. Served on several doctoral and MS committees in Applied Economics and Statistics.

Agritourism Projects and Training Coordinator (2008 – 2010)
Worked with multi-state (GA, NC, SC) team to secure USDA-SARE funding for a multi-state train-the trainer program. Identified Clemson Extension Agents and secured funding for their involvement. Secured additional USDA-SARE funding for in-state train-the-trainer agritourism development program. Helped secure funding and coordinating efforts between national MarketMaker, SCMarketMaker, and two multi-county regional agritourism programs to build on-line capacity for marketing agritourism enterprises.

ECommerceSC Project Leader (2006 – 2010)
Delivered e-commerce training to small businesses, often as part of FastTrac® small business training courses. Secured funding for purchase of use rights to AccessE.info curriculum offered by the University of Minnesota Extension. Conducted case study research on rural small business adoption of e-commerce strategies for the National e-Commerce Extension Initiative administered by the Southern Rural Development Center.

Economic Development Administration University Center Team (2006 – 2009)
Helped secure large grant for this center, conducted research and provided general technical support in the area of communication and information technology for rural areas and e-commerce training for small businesses.

Community Development Extension Program Leader (2006 – 2007)
Responsible for various aspects of strategic planning, shaping of programmatic agenda, staffing, and resource development for CD Program Team composed of county-based CD Extension Agents and campus and remotely-based Specialists. Led effort to develop first strategic plan for CED program.


Refereed and Reviewed Publications and Technical Reports

Lamie, R. David and Steve Deller, Special Issue of Community Development, the Journal of the Community Development Society focused on local/regional/community food systems development and the challenge of interdisciplinary research. Writing two articles and serving as co-editor. Currently organizing core authors and preparing open call for proposals. Funding secured to cover publication costs. Expected publication early 2017.

Lamie, R. David, “Now more than ever, this planet needs truly inclusive community development efforts that tolerate, embrace – even celebrate – difference”, Presidential Address delivered at the 2015 international annual meeting of the Community Development Society. Community Development: The Journal of the Community Development Society, in press, expected publication February 2016.

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Non-Refereed Publications and Technical Reports

Lamie, R. David, Approximately twelve monthly articles written while President of the Community Development Society, Vanguard, official newsletter of the Community Development Society, 2014-15.

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