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Joseph Culin

Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies
Associate Director, Clemson Experiment Station
CAFLS Administration Office, Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, Experiment Station

Office: 101Barre Hall
Phone: 864-656-2810
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 Educational Background

PhD Entomology
University of Kentucky 1981

MS Entomology & Applied Ecology
University of Delaware 1977

BA Biology
Eastern College 1975

 Courses Taught

ENT2010 (Selected Topics in Entomology) 1cr with topic varying each semester


As Associate Dean, my primary responsibilities are to coordinate research and graduate program activities in our college with the Vice President for Research, Vice President of Public Service & Agriculture, Office of Sponsored Programs, and Dean of the Graduate School. I see my role as assisting faculty to develop and implement strategies that will allow them to obtain extramural funding to support strong research programs. In a college having a wide array of research emphases, I have fully supported a broad portfolio of funding sources which include federal agencies, commodity groups, foundations, and corporate sponsors. I have worked with faculty to build interdisciplinary research teams to produce competitive proposals. I also work with our college, experiment station and university public relations staff to increase the visibility of research activities in our college. I work with departments and the Graduate School to enhance graduate educational opportunities and professional development for our students. In addition, I have oversight responsibility for our college budget, assignment of research space, and research space renovations. I am the college liaison with CU Environmental Health and Safety and CU Crisis Management (Emergency Preparedness).

As Associate Experiment Station Director, I serve as a liaison between the College and the Experiment Station. I interact daily with George Askew, Vice President for Public Service & Agriculture, who is also the Clemson Experiment Station Director and Dean of our College. I participate in all Experiment Station project reviews, which include 60 Hatch, 18 Hatch Multi-State, 7 McIntire-Stennis, and 4 State projects. The Experiment Station provides approximately $10.6M in Federal and State experiment station funding in support of on-campus faculty and staff participating in Experiment Station projects.

 Research Interests

My research interests center on population and community dynamics of arthropods and arthropod biodiversity. Recent research has included (1) producing biological control agents for management of the hemlock woolly adelgid in southern Appalachian forests, and (2) biodiversity surveys in national and state parks in SC.


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