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John Morse

Professor Emeritus of Entomology
Director Emeritus of the Clemson University Arthropod Collection
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: 310 Long Hall
Phone: 864-656-5049
Fax: 8646563443

Personal Website:

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Entomology
University of Georgia 1974

M.S. Entomology
Clemson University 1970

B.S. Biology
Davidson College 1968

 Courses Taught

Aquatic Insects (1975-present)
Taxonomy of Immature Insects (1982-present)
Applied Systematics (1976-2014)
Creative Inquiry--Insects of the Clemson Experimental Forest (2001-present)
Biocomplexity (2002-present)


Besides courses in insect systematics, insect larvae, and a variety of other topics, I have taught courses related to aquatic insects at Clemson, at Highlands Biological Station in North Carolina, in several other states, and in 9 countries so far in East Asia for more than 42 years. My research specialty is the identification, biology, and historical development of caddisflies, which I have studied in many streams of the world since 1967. My students and I also investigate the identification, biology, and distribution of other aquatic insects, of stream ecology and conservation, and of the use of insect communities to monitor water pollution.

 Research Interests

World Trichoptera systematics and historical biogeography; Aquatic insect faunistics and biology; Use of insects for water quality biomonitoring; Insect species diversity and endangered species


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**High school student


Clemson University Arthropod Collection
Trichoptera World Checklist