Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Bogor, West Java

the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) is the leading agricultural university in Indonesia.  Located in Bogor, West Java, IPB has been a major contributor to IPM development in Indonesia since the national program was first envisioned in 1987.  IPB scientists have collaborated with many international organizations to improve all facets of agricultural science in Southeast Asia.  Formal collaboration with Clemson University dates to 1994.  Dr. Aunu Rauf, entomologist, is the leader of a team of young scientists in the Department of Plant Protection including expertise in entomology, plant pathology, nematology, and applied economics who will participate on the proposed CRSP project.

Sam Ratulangi University (UNSRAT), Manado, North Sulawesi

UNSRAT is located in Manado, North Sulawesi where vegetable production is centered in the highland region surrounding Lake Tondano, a major reservoir supplying electricity and water to the city.  The lake is drained by the Tondano River which empties directly into the Bunaken National Marine Park.  The watershed serves multiple human and natural ecological needs, all of which are impacted by the heavy use of chemical pesticides by vegetable growers.  UNSRAT faculty, led by Dr. Dantje Sembel, have worked in collaboration with Clemson University on IPM training and development since 2000.  Seven UNSRAT junior faculty have had short-term training at Clemson.

Collborators: Dr. Dantje T. Sembel, Merlyn Meray, Dr. Jen Tatuh, and Max Ratulangi

FIELD, Jakarta, Java

The NGO, FIELD, with headquarters in Jakarta, is the main collaborator for work to be conducted in North and West Sumatra.  FIELD personnel possess expertise in research and training for IPM.  The senior staff  members have been involved in IPM training from the beginning of the Indonesian national program.  They are well positioned to facilitate the vital link between formal scientific research and on-farm applications.  Many key government agency staff concerned with agricultural extension in Indonesia have experience with FIELD IPM training programs.  Though their individual focus will be North and West Sumatra, FIELD training expertise will contribute to all the program sites under the proposed Southeast Asia CRSP project.