Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice)

PhilRice is a government corporation that has been collaborating with the IPM CRSP since 1994.  Various IPM CRSP technologies have already been developed by PhilRice and are now being disseminated.  PhilRice also has a strong and multi-awarded technology transfer group who can be tapped for the transfer of the technologies.  A village-level approach has been used by the PhilRice-IPM CRSP group in disseminating technologies.  In addition, the Philippine government has made IPM an official agricultural policy wherein a National IPM program has become the standard approach to pest management.  

Collaborators: H. X. Truong; K. B. Pangilinan, H. R. Rapusas

University of the Philippines at Los Banos (UPLB)

The UPLB College of Agriculture, particularly its Crop Protection Cluster, has a pool of technical experts not only in crop protection but also in agricultural economics and related applied sciences. In addition, collaboration with other colleges for specific disciplinary requirements is a tradition at UPLB which makes UPLB truly capable of multi-disciplinary work.  UPLB scientists have worked on the previous CRSP project providing leadership for field research on vegetable insect, disease, and weed IPM. 

Collaborators: Aurora M. Baltazar, U.P. Los Banos (Weed science), Candida B. Adalla (IPM), Nenita L. Opinia (Breeding), Jhoana L. Opena (IPM and weed science)