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Dr. Terri F. Bruce 


Facility Director

The manager of the facility is Dr. Terri Bruce. Dr. Bruce holds bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Applied Biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has over 12 years of industrial experience, including process design engineering and product development. She received her doctorate in Biological Sciences in 2009 from Clemson University, specializing in Cell Biology. In addition, Dr. Bruce has over 9 years of teaching experience at the collegiate level, and was a former recipient of the Clemson University Outstanding Teaching Assistant of the Year Award. 

Rhonda Reigers Powell 


Assistant Manager/Research Associate

Rhonda Powell has served as the Assistant Manager of the Clemson Light Imaging Facility since July 2012.  Rhonda earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences in 2001, and a Master of Science in Microbiology in 2009, both from Clemson University.  She also holds a secondary education teaching endorsement in Biology from the American Board for the Certification of Teacher Excellence.  Prior to joining the Clemson Light Imaging Facility, Rhonda worked for more than 10 years in a cell biology research laboratory. 


Sarah Howell 

 sarah h

Sarah Howell is a Senior Microbiology major from Gaffney, South Carolina. She joined the team at the CLIF in Spring 2014 through the Clemson University Professional Internship/Co-Op (UPIC) program. 

Sarah's roles at the CLIF include running training sessions on the Olympus LEXT Optical Profiler and Leica Stereoscope, planning events put on by the CLIF, helping out with basic office work, and performing general laboratory maintenance. She has had experience imaging nanoparticles on the Cytoviva and has earned a certificate for completing a course on the basics of confocal microscopy. She has recently been involved in teaching other interns her duties as she prepares for graduation and departure from the CLIF.  

Ty Rivers 


Ty Rivers is a Sophomore majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Modern Languages (Spanish). He has been a member of the Clemson Light Imaging Facility since the fall of 2015 via the Clemson University Professional Internship/Co-Op (UPIC) program.  

Ty is a proficient user of the Leica M125 stereoscope and has experience with the Olympus LEXT OLS 3D Laser Measuring Microscope and the Nikon TI Eclipse Microscope. Besides being a skillful microscopist, Ty has also recently taken over the duty of managing the CLIF website. 

Jonah Robison


Jonah Robison is a Sophomore Bioengineering major and Economics minor from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. He has been a member of the Clemson Light Imaging Facility since the fall of 2015 via the Clemson University Professional Internship/Co-Op (UPIC) program. 

As the Print and Social Media Coordinator, Jonah develops posters, flyers, and other ads for to market the facility across various medias. He is proficient in various Adobe suite programs, and also has spent time on the LEICA M125 stereoscope and is currently learning the Olympus LEXT OLS 3D Laser Measuring Microscope. 

Sarah Dorsey 

sarah d 

Sarah Dorsey is a freshman from Blythewood, SC. She is currently a general engineering major with a minor in geology with plans to specialize in Materials Science Engineering. She has been an intern for the CLIF through the Clemson University Professional Internship/Co-Op (UPIC) program since the spring of 2016. 

Sarah has experience working on the Leica M125 stereoscope and has recently begun learning the Olympus LEXT OLS 3D Laser Measuring Microscope. Her other duties include organizing office files and keeping inventory of all the CLIF's equipment and tools. 


Devante Horne  


Devante graduated from Clemson in Spring 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Bioengineering. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the UC Berkeley - UCSF Bioengineering joint Doctoral Program. His research is focused on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Devante joined the facility as a UPIC intern in Spring 2013.  While an intern in the CLIF, Devante spent the majority of his time imaging aquatic insects for a contract imaging project. He also wrote standard operating procedures for the stereoscope and wrote Tumblr blog articles for the CLIF. 

Brittany Lamont 


Brittany graduated from Clemson in Spring 2014 with a Bachelor's of science degree in Health Sciences. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Medicine at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Greenville, South Carolina. Brittany joined the CLIF as a student lab assistant in the Fall of 2012 and as a UPIC intern in the Summer of 2013. She stayed at the CLIF for two months after graduation. While interning at the CLIF, Brittany maintained the laboratory area of the facility and participated in an extremely large-scale project imaging more than 1200 slides of squirrel whiskers.  She also designed newsletters and brochures for the facility. 

Justin Scott 

Justin joined the CLIF in Summer 2014 and worked until he graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Electrical Engineering in Spring 2015.  Justin stayed as a temporary full-time employee for two months after graduation.  During his time in the CLIF, Justin streamlined the analysis technique for squirrel whisker analysis, finalized the design for the first officially Clemson-branded CLIF brochure, and wrote the first CLIF user manual, which outlined the procedures for using the LEXT optical profiler.  He also designed and prepared marketing materials for our imaging contest and light microscopy symposium. 

Caroline Ashworth 


Caroline worked as a UPIC intern in the CLIF from Fall 2014 through Fall 2015.  A Clemson University Senior, Caroline is majoring in Nursing and is slated to graduate in Fall 2016. While a CLIF intern, Caroline was instrumental in the design and implementation of the HOOKEd on Microscopy Light Micrograph Contest and the Magnificent Microcosm light microscopy symposium.  She increased the presence of the facility on social media by making improvements to our Facebook page and Tumblr blog. 

Jessica Canavan 


Jessica worked one semester as a full-time UPIC intern in Summer 2013.  Though her time in the CLIF was short, she learned to use the LEXT optical profiler proficiently and wrote standard operating procedures for equipment in the lab prep area of the CLIF.  A talented microscopist, she is responsible for many of the framed images decorating the facility. She is currently working as a graduate student in Clemson’s Bioengineering Department. 

Krista Wunsche 


Krista worked one semester in the CLIF as a part-time UPIC intern in Fall 2013.  Krista participated in a contract project to image aquatic insects, both by spending time at the microscope and by editing and creating image collages.  Never one to be pigeon-holed, Krista will graduate from Clemson in Spring 2016 with degrees in biochemistry and political science.  We are delighted to be on Krista’s resume.