The Creative Inquiry Team

The Life Sciences facility

The Creative Inquiry sculpture represents the elements that make up a small DNA molecule known as a plasmid. This circular molecule carries the genes that have proven to be vital in the study of molecular biology and genetics. The sculpture, in the form of a plasmid shape, is reflective of the various programs that will come together and inhabit the new building. It creates a “new molecule” that confirms the potential of new interdisciplinary endeavors.

The students who envisioned and presented the opening ceremony were from life sciences and art. They are sophomore Kayla Smith and seniors Mariana Hay, Jena Heaton, Debbie Jacobs, Amy Justice, Brittany Lamont, Chipper McCall, Kep Pate, Gracie Langdon Smith, Emily Sorgenfrei, Victoria Tanenbaum and Jonathan Windham.

Architect: Perkins+Will, Atlanta, Georgia

Construction: DPR Construction, Atlanta, Georgia