Master of Science in Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences

Students admitted to the MS program in Food, Nutrition, and Culinary Sciences must meet the criteria outlined below. Students not meeting the minimum admission requirements may be admitted in a provisional status with the approval of the graduate faculty.

  1. The Aptitude Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE General Test) must be taken by all applicants. A minimum total GRE score of 1000 on the two-component exam is required. In some cases, other tests administered for students applying for postbaccalaureate degrees may be accepted in lieu of the GRE (e.g., MCAT).
  2. A strong background in food science; human nutrition; physical, chemical, or biological sciences; or engineering is highly desirable.
  3. Proficiency in food science must be demonstrated by satisfactory completion of coursework in the following areas: food chemistry, food microbiology, food processing, and biochemistry. Background course requirements will normally be satisfied with completion of a BS degree in Food Science from an accredited institution. Students deficient in any of these areas will be required to complete coursework to fulfill these background course requirements.
  4. Acceptance is based upon academic transcripts with a minimum undergraduate grade-point ratio of 3.0, three letters of recommendation, a statement of objectives and professional experience.
  5. International students must have a minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 575. International applicants must also submit documentation of adequate financial support for their studies.
  6. An additional requirement for admission is identification of a research advisor prepared to accept the applicant as an advisee.

Financial Aid

A limited number of research assistantships are available from grant funds, with the student assisting in the research supported under the grant. This research often may be applicable to the thesis or dissertation. Interested applicants should contact individual faculty for research assistantships. Applicants whose files are completed prior to February 15, 2006, will be given preferential consideration for research assistantships offered beginning fall semester 2006.

Transfer of Credits

With preapproval, up to eight graduate credits may be transferred into the MS program. A grade of B or better is required in each course transferred.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 24 credit hours of coursework and six credit hours of thesis research (FD SC 891) is required for the graduate degree. Only 600-level courses and higher may be used for graduate credit, and at least one-half of the 24 hours of coursework must be at the 800-level or higher.

The following courses are required: EX ST 801 or equivalent, FD SC 851 (one-credit hour seminar each spring), 18 credit hours of advanced-level courses (may include courses in food science or in areas such as chemistry, nutrition, biochemistry, animal and veterinary sciences, microbiology, statistics, or cell biology, as required by the student's Graduate Advisory Committee), and six credit hours of thesis research (FD SC 891).

In addition, a minimum grade-point ratio of 3.0 is required to maintain good academic standing and for graduation.

Combined Bachelor of Science in Food Science/Master of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Culinary Sciences

Under this plan, students may reduce the time necessary to earn both degrees by applying graduate credits to both undergraduate and graduate program requirements. Enrollment guidelines and procedures can be found under Academic Regulations. Consult the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition for details.

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