Animal & Veterinary Sciences

The curriculum in Animal and Veterinary Sciences provides students with a broad base of understanding of scientific principles and the application of these principles to scientific, technical, and business phases of livestock and poultry production, processing, and marketing.

Special emphasis is placed on hands-on instruction, and students are given many opportunities to work with animals at the Morgan Poultry Farm, LaMaster Dairy Center, Starkey Swine Center, Equine Center, and Simpson Beef Unit. Students may choose from three concentrations: Animal Agribusiness, Equine Business, or Preveterinary and Science.

Students choosing the Animal Agribusiness Concentration will be prepared for careers in the animal industries including production, sales and marketing, business management, advertising, and extension. Students in the Equine Business Concentration will be prepared for careers as trainers, managers, riding instructors, sales representatives, etc. Students selecting the Preveterinary and Science Concentration will meet the requirements for most veterinary schools, graduate schools, and medical and dental schools. Students with South Carolina residency may compete for in-state slots at the Mississippi State, Tuskegee, and University of Georgia Colleges of Veterinary Medicine.

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