Biological Sciences

Biology encompasses the broad spectrum of the modern life sciences, including the study of all aspects of life from the structure and function of the whole organism down to the subcellular levels and up through the interactions of organisms to the integrated existence of life on the entire planet. Descriptive, structural, functional, and evolutionary questions are explored through the hierarchy of the organization of life. Applications of current advances to the health and well-being of man and society, to nature and the continuation of earth as a balanced ecosystem, and to an appreciation of the place of natural science in our cultural heritage receive emphasis.

Majors in Biological Sciences receive classroom, laboratory, and field training in biology with an emphasis on chemistry, mathematics, and physics as necessary tools. The Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences curriculum prepares students for graduate study in any of the life science areas (such as agricultural sciences, biochemistry, botany, cell and molecular biology, conservation, ecology and environmental science, entomology, forestry, genetics, industrial and regulatory biology, microbiology, morphology, physiology, wildlife biology, and zoology; for the health professions (medicine, dentistry, etc.), veterinary medicine; and for science teaching.

Combined Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences/Master of Science in Bioengineering

Under this plan, students may reduce the time necessary to earn both degrees by applying graduate credits to both undergraduate and graduate program requirements. See Academic Regulations for enrollment guidelines and procedures.

Students are encouraged to obtain the specific requirements for the dual degree from the Department of Biological Sciences or Bioengineering as early as possible in their undergraduate program as a number of required courses have prerequisites not normally taken by Biological Sciences majors.

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