Genetics is the study of heredity. Genetics research takes many forms, from the study of heredity at the level of individual molecules to study at the level of cells and chromosomes, individuals, or populations. To comprehend current genetic information and to make future contributions to our molecular understanding of life processes, students must obtain a broad background in biology and a firm foundation in chemistry and mathematics. This is the basis of the genetics curriculum.

A degree in Genetics is a strong preparation for many careers. The degree provides an excellent foundation for medical, veterinary, or pharmacy school as well as graduate research in any discipline related to biology, including bioinformatics, forensic technology, and genetic counseling. Because of the increasing emphasis on genetics in everyday life, a Bachelor of Science in Genetics can also be a direct path to a career in the emerging biotechnology industries (pharmaceuticals, agricultural technologies, biomimetic minerals) either in research, sales, or business operations. Combined with a law degree, a genetics bachelor of science is a good background for a career as a patent attorney.

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