Horticulture is the art, science, and business of food crops, ornamental plants, and turfgrasses and their production, utilization, and maintenance. A strong foundation in the basic sciences and humanities is built on courses in mathematics, chemistry, botany, physics, computer science, communications, economics, and humanities.

Horticulture as a science depends on disciplines such as plant pathology, plant physiology, entomology, forestry, agronomy, soils, agricultural engineering, and agricultural economics. Business courses contribute to a well-rounded curriculum. A growing aspect of horticulture involves the management of enterprises, from production to distribution and marketing. Horticulture as an art involves the arrangement of plants in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Students begin professional development as undergraduates. An internship in a horticultural enterprise is required. Students considering graduate school are advised to take optional courses in the basic sciences as well as conduct an undergraduate research project. Those with strong interests in specific disciplines may complete special problems under the supervision of a faculty member.

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