PreProfessional Health Studies


The health professions need individuals with a diversity of educational backgrounds and a wide variety of talents and interests. The philosophies of education, the specific preprofessional course requirements, the noncognitive qualifications for enrollment, and the systems of training vary among the professional health schools; but all recognize the desirability of a broad educationa good foundation in the natural sciences, highly developed communication skills, and a solid background in the humanities and social sciences.

The absolute requirements for admission to professional health schools are limited to allow latitude for developing individualized undergraduate programs of study.

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PreProfessional Advisor
PrePharmacy Advisor
PreRehabilitation Sciences Advisor

PreProfessional Health Studies (non-degree)
    - PrePharmacy (2010-2011)
    - PreRehabilitation Sciences (2010-2011)
    - PreVeterinary Sciences
Popular Majors for Professional School
    - Biological Sciences
    - Biochemistry
    - Food Science & Human Nutrition
    - Genetics
    - Microbiology
What Can I do with this Major?
    - Medical Fields
    - PrePharmacy
    - PreVeterinary Sciences
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