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Sample Submission

Upon submission of this on-line sample submission form, MUAL staff will contact you within 24hrs to set up a meeting to discuss about the specific analytical needs (ideal instrumentation, method etc). Samples should not be submitted without prior consultation. Samples will not be analyzed without a valid IDO in place.

Current (2017) turnaround time for sample analysis is as follows (depending on the method development involved and instrument availability):

1. Samples that have an established method for analysis, [1-2 week] 
2. Samples that require reoptimization of a literature reported method, [2-4 weeks]
3. Samples that require development and validation of a new method, [0.5-3 months]  

[Samples with Radioactive Isotopes Cannot be  accepted  for analysis]





Institution and address

Principal Investigator:

Project type:  Research       Teaching

Brief description of intended analysis (100 words) :

Analysis sought:

Mass spectrometry (GC-MS; UHPLC-triplequad; UHPLC-Orbitrap Fusion)
Chromatography (HPLC-UV/FLD; GC-FID)
Spectrophotometers (UV; fluorescence; nutrient analysis)

Analysis requested:  Identification     Quantitation      Accurate mass     Metabolomics       Targeted Proteomics

Analysis of prepared samples:  Yes  No

Samples require extraction purification:  Yes  No

Methodology known:  Yes  No

Methodology previously used/developed in MUAL:  Yes  No

Method optimization required:  Yes  No (literature-reported method, but not previously reoptimized at MUAL)

Method development required:  Yes  No (new method not reported in the literature)

Standards available:  Yes  No

Analytical replicates per sample :  Single injection  Duplicate injections  Triplicate injections

Detailed method validation :  Limit of detection  Limit of quantitation  %RSD

Internal standard addition needed :  Yes  No  Already in the sample

Data interpretation required:  Yes  No

Collaborative project with MUAL:  Yes  No (scope of collaboration finalized after discussing with the PI)

Scope of Collaboration:

Graduate student training involved:  Yes     No   (successful completion of PLPA8090 is a prerequisite for training) 

Graduate student processing the sample at MUAL:  Yes  No

Number of samples: 

Sample amount limited:  Yes     No    

Accepted turnaround time : (Rush analysis is possible, but is conditional on the existence of established methods and instrument availability)

Anticipated sample submission date: (MM/DD/YYYY) 

What is the source material of the samples (i.e. lysate, cell extract, sera, etc.)?

Provide a detailed description of how the samples were prepared (include ALL the steps so that we fully understand the sample matrix that is being submitted for analysis)

Any specific experimental requests including sensitivity of samples to storage:

ALL hazardous information about the sample (chemical and biological hazards):