Peter M. Burrows, Ph.D.Memorial Seminar Honoring Peter M. Burrows, Ph.D.

Peter M. Burrows, Ph.D.

October 5, 1938 – February 21, 2002

Professor Peter M. Burrows was born in Nottingham, England. His formal education included a B.Sc. in mathematics from University of Manchester in 1960, an Associateship from the Institute of Statisticians in London, in 1962, and a Ph.D. in Genetics and Statistics from North Carolina State University under the direction of Dr. C. Clark Cockerham in 1971.  His doctoral thesis was ‘Consequences of Selection in Finite Populations’.   

Dr. Burrows spent two years as a statistician with J. & J. Colman Ltd. in Norwich, England.  Afterwards, he went to Africa, where he held the position of Research Officer in the Biometrics Unit of the Agricultural Research Council of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in 1963; Senior Research Officer with the Biometrics Team in the Agricultural Research Council of Central Africa, Salisbury, Rhodesia from 1964 - 1967, and Acting Senior Biometrician for three months in 1966.  Dr. Burrows read all scientific journals from the early 1900’s through the mid-1960’s in the library of the Agricultural Research Council, to prepare for graduate study.  His photographic memory enabled him to reference many of those research studies as a student, a researcher, and a professor.  

In the fall of 1966, Dr. Burrows began graduate study in Genetics and Statistics at North Carolina State University. After completing doctoral studies in 1971, he returned to Africa for three months, as a Genetics Consultant with the Rhodesia Forestry Commission, Salisbury, Rhodesia, (Harare, Zimbabwe).  From July 1971 through June 1975, Dr. Burrows was a member of the faculty of North Carolina State University before coming to Clemson University in September 1975.  In 2000, the Board of Trustees of Clemson University, conferred upon Dr. Peter M. Burrows, the official title of Professor Emeritus of Experimental Statistics, in his retirement. Previous honors Professor Burrows received included: Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, 1961 (England); Research Triangle Foundation Fellowship Award, 1969 (North Carolina); the 1988 Godley Award for Excellence in Research in the College of Agriculture, Clemson University; Sabbatical to study and consult with scientists at the Institute of Plant Protection, ARO Volcani Centre, Bet Dagan, Israel, in 1991, and the 1992 Clemson University Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research.

Dr. Peter M. Burrows, a Biometrician and Quantitative Geneticist, published 61 articles in refereed journals worldwide, made thirty-nine presentations at regional, national, and international conferences and workshops, and wrote chapters, by invitation in two books. Dr. Burrows’ research interests since 1991 were dominated by studies of the Bivariate Normal Distribution (BVN) and related applicable statistics leading eventually to a textbook. He was a consultant to EPA, a member of the Clemson University team that worked with Monsanto to improve the production of wheat through genetic engineering, and a consultant to Johnson & Johnson on a new product, Splenda, for submission to FDA.


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