Update for SAFES from Director Pat Layton

Dear Faculty, Staff, and SAFES Students,

I hope that you are having a wonderful summer.  I wanted to update you today about the many changes that are happening here at Clemson this summer.  While you may find some of the changes to be an initial concern to you, I hope that you will find on further thought that they are all changes for the better.  Renovations and moves of faculty, staff, and students have been and will continue to be made at Clemson and in all buildings in CAFLS.  We are doing our very best to provide for our students, faculty, and staff as Clemson continues to grow.


We are redoing the lobbies of Lehotsky and McAdams.  The McAdams changes were brought about by Provost Helms allocating space to a rapidly growing School of Computing on the second floor of McAdams.  This forced us to move our Conference room (226) to the former student lounge on the first floor.  This room is being remodeled to be a state of the art conference room where we can connect to faculty downstate or anywhere in the world.  We know that giving up the “Student Lounge” is a major change and we hope that Ag Ed and AGM students will find that the renovated area in the lobby of McAdams becomes their home away from home and is similar to what is provided in the Lehotsky Lobby.  The Lehotsky Lobby will have new furniture -- no more rickety chairs and upholstery with holes in it.  The P&AS Lobby will continue to serve our HORT and TURF students.

Also in McAdams, we are adding new outdoor furniture to the patio on the second floor.  The small conference room is being converted to the copier and supply room and the old copier room will be used for graduate students.  Meanwhile the University is planning to provide $2.5 million for renovations in the first floor teaching and research area.  Within a year or so, a student computer room will be available to provide the best software available specific to your class needs.  Programs and resources not easily available on your laptop will be housed there.  This renovation will also include research space so that creative inquiry teams can do amazing research and development work in support of sustainable agriculture and the environment. 

In Lehotsky, new computers were budgeted for the second floor computer room and they will be purchased soon.  New data recorders have already arrived so we will have the latest equipment for data collection in the field.

New equipment is being purchased for one of the teaching labs in Long Hall.

And new smart boards will soon be installed in McAdams 2nd floor classrooms.  For those classrooms we continue to seek temperature solutions while in 143 McAdams we think the temperature problem has been corrected.

Next year we hope to renovate classrooms and computer rooms in the P&AS building.

The Dean’s office is planning a total renovation of the P&AS basement over the next year or so.  This will allow for wonderful new offices for graduate students, offices for emeritus faculty members, and a great new commons are for all of us with a coffee shop (now if we could just get a satellite ice cream store in there- yum yum!)

Faculty and Staff Changes and Moves:

Two new Chairs to assist in the management of the School are being searched for and will be on board as soon as possible.  One of them will be housed in the P&AS building in the former Horticulture Chair’s office and the other in 261 Lehotsky, my current office.

Ms. Estes and I will be moving to 132 Lehotsky in August.  Our business offices will be moving by the end of fall semester to renovated space in Lehotsky (behind the glass door off the lobby).

Five new lecturers are being hired and will be in place by August.  There will be two in Ag ED and three in the FNR area.

Ms. Swafford has moved to 2nd floor Lehotsky temporarily, the AGED graduate students have moved to the first floor of McAdams, Dr. Dobbins is moving to 254 McAdams, a renovated larger office, and Ms. Leard is now full time with SAFES and her office has expanded to meet the needs of our growing student body in McAdams. 

A new student services coordinator is being hired to lead our student services efforts and to cover other SAFES majors.  This person will be housed in Lehotsky where another large contingent of students are.  A public information coordinator is also being hired and will be located in Lehotsky also.

Graduate students of SAFES faculty that were in Barre are being moved to the P&AS building along with some offices for other SAFES grant employees. 

The BE faculty will have been moved to Brackett with the exception of Dr. Privette who is coming back to SAFES as an associate professor.  Welcome Dr. Privette and help him out as he will be taking on the AGM 221 Surveying course this fall. 

Dr. Patrick McMillan will be joining SAFES this fall as he moves over from Biological Sciences.  However, Dr. Christina Wells is moving to Biological Sciences.  Both will continue to teach in support of their previous positions at this time.

Emeritus Faculty Members:

Most retired faculty members are moving out of all CAFLS’s buildings.  Some will just be going to home offices and some will be relocating to the CIET building in Pendleton.  A few others, active in grants or other areas, will be staying but in shared space throughout SAFES.  This move includes emptying the second floor of Barre Hall where many Ag Econ emeritus faculty used to have offices.  The Emeritus Faculty will have new space in the P&AS building after that is renovated so the current moves are temporary.

Other Changes:

New trucks and a car are arriving now for use by faculty and staff doing research – details will be coming soon on those.  We are also attempting to get 2 more vans for getting students to outdoor labs and field trips.

The Brook Center Parking area will have a new entrance onto Perimeter Road.  An extremely large tree in the parking lot was split in a recent storm and is being taken down now.  So look for changes in that area.

Landscaping in the McGinty mall area has also undergone some changes thanks to Dr. Vincent and the Landscaping staff.  Also a large tree near the entrance to P&AS was taken down because of rot and that area is now sunny.

Stay tuned for more changes in the near future as I know that we may have a few more in store this coming year.

I hope the rest of your summer is productive and fun filled.  We look forward to your return in August.

Dr. Layton