Biosystems Technology ATE Project

The Biosystems Technology program is three-tiered academic program that was funded by a NSF-Advanced Technological Education grant.  The three tiers of the program are:Pythium

The goal of the Biosystems Technology ATE project is to increase the number of qualified technical program graduates to meet the workforce demands of the growing biofuels, nutraceutical and biomaterials industries. The objectives are:

  1. to expand the engineering, technology, life science, agriculture and mathematics knowledge of secondary, technical college and university graduates to prepare them for bioprocessing and biomanufacturing technical position;
  2. to increase the engineering, technology, life science and mathematics knowledge base of preservice and in-service secondary Agricultural Educators;
  3. to stimulate student interest in Biosystems Technology and to encourage secondary students to pursue technical degree programs.

The Principal Investigators of the project are:
Dr. Caye Drapcho, Associate Professor, Biosystems Engineering, Clemson University
Dr. Tom Dobbins, Professor, Agricultural Education, Clemson University
Dr. Kathy Romero, Head, Biotechnology, Greenville Technical College

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