Biosystems Technology Minor at Clemson University

The Biosystems Technology minor at Clemson University requires 15 credits for completion.  Required courses are Ag Ed 203, BT 220 and BT 240.  The remaining 6 credits are to be chosen from following lists, with at least 3 credits from list A.

List A:
Ag Ed 404 (Biotech in agriculture)
BE 440 (Renewable energy engineering)
CTE 360 (Safety)
EG 208 or 210 (Engineering Graphics)
FD SC 401 (Food Chemistry)
FD SC 404 (Food Preservation and Processing)
IE 201 (System Design)
IE 384 (Engineering Economics)
IE 487 (Industrial Safety)
MICRO 305 (Introduction to Microbiology)
MICRO 400 (Public health microbiology)
MICRO 407 (Food and dairy microbiology)
MICRO 413 (Industrial microbiology)
PKGSC 102 (Introduction to Packaging Science)
PKGSC 202 (Packaging Materials and Manufacturing)
Approved internship course

List B:
Agric/EN SP 315 (Environment and Agriculture)
AP EC 202 (Agricultural economics)
AP EC 205 (Agriculture and society)
AP EC/C R D 357 (Natural Resources Economics)
BIOSC 203 (Environment, Energy, and Society)
ENR 450 (Conservation Issues)
EN SP 200 (Introduction to Environmental Science)
FD SC 201 (Man and his food)
FD SC 214 (Food resources and society)
PKGSC 358 (Packaging and society)
SSCS 335 (Agricultural Biotechnology)