July 2009 Training Photos

Training on Lab Tools

Mark and Carrie Calvert and Cathy
Carrie and Mark learning how to pipette Calvert and Cathy learning about the spec.
Tom and Al
Tom and Al learning about the balance

Training on Biodiesel

Mark and Carrie

Biodiesel set up

Mark and Carrie making biodiesel The biodiesel set up

Training on OD, Dry Weight, SDV, and Sample Collection


George and Jeremy
George taking a sample of algae Jeremy and George labeling their dry weight tins



Annette is measuring the transparency of the water Julia taking a sample with a sludge judge

Training on Building and Testing a Solar Water Heater

Calvert and Annette

Grad Students

Calvert and Annette building their solar water heater The grad students building their very large solar water heater


Tom painting his solar water heater George testing the flow rate
Nate measuring the temperature of his solar water heater

Training on CSTR and plug flow reactor


Christina taking a sample from the plug flow reactor Julia testing the flow of the continuous stir reactor