General Course Outline

AGM 301: Soil & Water Conservation

(topics may vary somewhat by semester)

  1.     Introduction
  2.     Meteorology and rainfall
  3.     Runoff
  4.     Soil erosion by water and USLE
  5.     Cover factors, sedimentation, water quality
  6.     Contouring, strip cropping, terracing
  7.     Planning, building and maintaining terraces
  8.     Open channels and open channel flow
  9.     Channel velocity and erosion control
  10.     Water quality, supply, conservation, and rights
  11.     Wells and pumping
  12.     Surface water storage
  13.     Surface drainage and wetlands
  14.     Subsurface drainage
  15.     Soil-water relations and ET: Blaney-Criddle method
  16.     Penman and Jensen-Haise methods, pan evaporation
  17.     Irrigation principles
  18.     Sprinkler irrigation
  19.     Microirrigation
  20.     Guest speaker: Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)
  21.     Water measurement
  22.     Introduction to stormwater BMPs
  23.     Stormwater wetlands
  24.     Bio-retention cells and rain gardens
  25.     Sand filters for water quality treatment
  26.     Level spreaders for vegetated buffer improvement

If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact Kendall Kirk.