General Course Outline for AGM 452/652: Mobile Power

(topics may vary somewhat by semester)

  1.     Introduction
  2.     Basic thermodynamics of engines
  3.     Theoretical Otto, diesel, and dual cycles
  4.     Engine components: Block, head, valve train
  5.     Engine components: Pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, flywheels,
        balancers, and bearings
  6.     Four-stroke engines
  7.     Two-stroke engines
  8.     Torque, power, power adjectives, and mean effective pressures
  9.     Power efficiencies, specific fuel consumption, and volumetric efficiency
  10.     Engine governors and dynamometers
  11.     Fuels: Refining, combustion and exhaust, specific gravity, heating value,
  12.     Fuels: Viscosity, crystallization, impurities, octane, cetane, additives,
        alternatives, storage
  13.     Electrical systems: Fundamentals, semiconductors, diodes, transistors,
        magnetism, electromagnetism
  14.     Electrical systems: Batteries, charging and starting systems, accessory
  15.     Ignition circuits
  16.     Fuel systems and carburetor principles
  17.     Small engine carbs, fuel injection, LPG fuel systems
  18.     Diesel vs. gas, diesel fuel systems, injector pumps
  19.     Diesel injection systems
  20.     Intake and exhaust systems
  21.     Cooling systems
  22.     Lubrication: Oils, grease, viscosity, oil additives
  23.     Oil service classifications and lubricating systems
  24.     Power trains: Transmission principles, manual transmissions
  25.     Synchromesh, power shift, and continuously variable trans.
  26.     Hydrokinetic transmissions, differentials, drives

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