Course Offerings

AG M 101

Introduction to Agricultural Mechanization and Business 1(0,3)

Introduction to the Agricultural Mechanization and Business program. An overview of the curriculum is given and the opportunities for extracurricular activities explained. Long-term interaction between the department and alumni is covered. Taught By: Mr. Garrett

AG M 205

Principles of Fabrication 3(2,3)

Principles, techniques, and methods in the selection, proper use, and maintenance of hand and power tools. Principal topics include welding, tool fitting, metalworking, wood-working, finishing and preserving, and heat treatment. Taught By: Mr. Kirk 

AG M 206

Machinery Management 3(2,3)

Agriculture students are taught to apply physical principles and sound reasoning to the mechanization of modern agricultural production and processing enterprises. Planning efficient operational systems and wise selection of equipment, based on function and economic suitability are stressed. Preq: MTHSC 105, PHYS 207 or consent of instructor. Taught By: Mr. Kirk

AG M 221

Surveying: Earthwork and Area Measurements 2(1,3)

Fundamentals of surveying relative to earthwork and land area measurements including linear measurements, leveling, angular measurements, and computations. Levels and total stations are used with an introduction to GPS. Preq: MTHSC 102 or 106 or consent of instructor. Taught By: To Be Arranged

AG M 301

Soil and Water Conservation 3(2,3)

Water management in agriculture is studied by applying principles of elementary surveying, mathematics, and fluid flow as related to soil-water- vegetation complexes in erosion control, water conservation, drainage, and irrigation. Taught By: Mr. Kirk

AG M 303

Calculations for Mechanized Agriculture 3(2,3)

Enhances students’ ability to analyze and solve a wide range of problems requiring engineering technology. Laboratory periods introduce students to microcomputer hardware. Basic programming and typical applications to agricultural mechanization problems are included. Preq: PHYS 200, 207, or consent of instructor. Taught By: To Be Arranged

AG M 371

Agricultural Mechanization Practicum 1-3

Preplanned internship with an approved employer involved in agricultural technical or business endeavors. A minimum 130 hours of supervised responsibility are required per credit hour. A work journal, written/oral reports, company consent and evaluation must be on file. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. To be taken Pass/Fail only. Preq: Sophomore standing and consent of department. Taught By: Dr. Allen

AG M 402,602

Drainage, Irrigation, and Waste Management 3(2,3)

Basic soil-water-plant relationships are used to determine the need for and methods of irrigation, drainage, and waste management. Topics include irrigation methods, drainage needs, drainage methods, and wastet reatment methods. Taught By: Dr. Owino

AG M 405,605

Agricultural Structures and Environmental Control 3(2,3)

Technical considerations of buildings used for agriculture with emphasis on structural materials, structural adequacy, environmental control, and indoor air quality. Preq: PHYS 200, AG M 221, 303. Taught By: To Be Arranged

AG M 406,606

Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems 3(2,3)

Study of power transmission systems for agricultural production with emphasis on mobile equipment. Characteristics, requirements, and design of both V-belt drive and roller-chain drives are presented. Emphasizes hydraulic power transmission systems, including pumps, actuators, control devices, and hydraulic circuitry. Preq: AG M 206, PHYS 200 or 207, or consent of instructor. Taught By: To Be Arranged

AG M 408

Equipment Sales and Service 3(3,0)

Agricultural equipment sales and service techniques, inventory, and accounting procedures followed by the farm machinery industry. Taught By: To Be Arranged

AG M 410,610

Precision Agriculture Technology 3(2,3)

Principles and hands-on application of technologies supporting precision agriculture are included. Topics include global positioning system (GPS), geographic information system software, variable rate technologies, collection of spatial data, automated guidance of equipment, spatial data mapping and analysis, remote sensing, and economic considerations. Preq: Junior standing. Taught By: Dr. Owino

AG M 452,652

Mobile Power 3(2,3)

Study of tractors with emphasis on internal combustion engines and support systems necessary for their proper functioning. Application of power, maintenance, adjustment, and general repair are also considered. Preq: PHYS 200, 207, or consent of instructor. Taught By: Mr. Kirk

AG M 460,660

Electrical Systems 3(2,3)

Students in agriculture and related curricula study electric and other utilities on the farm and in the home. Selection, installation, and maintenance of wiring systems, lighting systems, motors, controls, water systems, and waste disposal systems are emphasized. Preq: Junior standing. Taught By: Dr. Han

AG M 472

Capstone 3(2,3)

Covers professional conduct, ethics, oral and written communication, and financial matters. Each student completes a comprehensive project on a technical subject. The results are given in a written report and oral presentation. Digital portfolio technology is used by the student to assess his/her education. Taught By: To Be Arranged

AG M 473

Special Topics in Agricultural Mechanization 1-3(1-3,0)

Comprehensive study and application of new technologies and methods not covered in existing courses. Emphasis is placed on independent study using innovative approaches to problem solving. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. Preq: Consent of instructor. Taught By: To Be Arranged