Forestry and Natural Resources Continuing EducationThe Clemson Extension Forestry and Natural Resources Continuing Education offers research based online and in-person classes for enthusiast and industry professionals in areas such as wildlife management and stewardship, timberland management and taxation, conservation easements, and natural resources enterprises. Classes are taught by experts and often self-paced.

Master Gardener Program

The Clemson Extension Master Gardener Program trains, selects, and utilizes knowledgeable volunteers to facilitate the educational work of the local Consumer Horticulture Agent, by delivering researched-based information to citizens of the state.

South Carolina Master Naturalist ProgramThe South Carolina Master Naturalist Program is a statewide corps of volunteers providing education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities. Interested South Carolinians become Master Naturalists through training and volunteer service.

The Master Tree Farmer Program is an intensive educational program designed to introduce landowners to many of the topics associated with forest management. The programs are not designed to make landowners into foresters, but to acquaint landowners with forestry terms and concepts so they can effectively converse with foresters about the management of their property. We have documented that landowners are more willing to see forestry practiced on their land when they understand why things are done.