Paula Agudelo

Associate Professor

Dr. Paula AgudeloEmail:
Office: 864-656-5741

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

206 Long Hall. Clemson University

PhD. Plant Sciences. 2004. University of Arkansas
MSc. Plant Pathology. 2000. Universidad de Caldas
BS. Agronomy. 1996. Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Teaching: Plant Nematology (PLPA459/659), Plant Pathology Seminar (PLPA807), Nematology Journal Club (PLPA802),Academic and Professional Development (SSCS102)

Research interest:
Biology and ecology of plant-parasitic nematodes of economic importance. Molecular diagnostics of plant-parasitic nematodes.

Fu, Z., P. Gerard, and P. Agudelo. 2012. A Protocol for Assessing Resistance to Aphelenchoides fragariae in Hosta Cultivars. Plant Disease (in press)
Fu, Z., C. Wells, and P. Agudelo. 2012. Differential expression of a beta-1,4-endoglucanase induced by diet change of the foliar nematode Aphelenchoides fragariae. Phytopathology 102: 804-811.
Leach, M.M., P. Agudelo, A.L. Lawton-Rauh. 2012. Genetic Variability of Rotylenchulus reniformis. Plant Disease 96: 30-36.
Leach, M.M., P. Agudelo, A.L. Lawton-Rauh. 2012. Effect of Crop Rotations on Population Structure of Reniform Nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis. Plant Disease 96: 24-29.
Ma, X., P. Agudelo, J.D. Mueller, and H.T. Knap. 2011. Molecular Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of Hoplolaimus stephanus. Journal of Nematology 43: 25-34.
Agudelo, P., S.A. Lewis, B.A. Fortnum. 2011. Validation of a Real-time PCR Assay for the Identification of Meloidogyne arenaria. Plant Disease (in press).
Agudelo, P. and D. Harshman. 2011. First Report of Spiral Nematode Scutellonema brachyurum on Lilyturf in the United States. Plant Disease 95:74.
Leach, M.M., Agudelo, P., and Lawton-Rauh, A. 2010. Ten Polymorphic Microsatellite Loci for Reniform Nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis. Molecular Ecology Resources 11(2): 418-421.