Lance Beecher

Chemist / Lecturer, Aquaculture & Fisheries Specialist


Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

144C McAdams Hall

Ph.D. - Environmental Toxicology - Clemson University, 2013
M.S. – Fisheries and Wildlife Biology (Aquaculture) - Louisiana State University, 1996
B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Biology - Louisiana State University, 1993

Chemist/Research, Biosystems Engineering, (2006 – present)
Lecturer, SAFES, (2010 – present)

Research interest:
Fisheries, Aquaculture, Water Conservation, Wastewater Management, Constructed Wetlands, Environmental Toxicology

Beecher, L.E. and R.P. Romaire. 2010. Evaluation of Baits for Harvesting Procambarid Crawfishes with Emphasis on Bait Type and Bait Quantity. Journal of Shellfish Research 29 (1), 1-6.

Romaire, R.P. and L.E. Beecher. 2010. Evaluation of a Rotational Trapping Strategy in Procambarid Crayfish Aquaculture. Freshwater Crayfish 17:61-65.

Gutierrez-Wing, M.T., L. E. Beecher and R. F. Malone. “Granular PHA’S as a medium and carbon source for denitrification in recirculating aquaculture.” World Aquaculture Society “Aquaculture America 2005” Conference. New Orleans, LA, January 2005.

Malone, R.F. and L.E. Beecher. 2000. Use of Floating Bead Bioclarifiers to Recondition Recirculating Waters in Warmwater High Density Aquaculture Production Systems. Aquaculture Engineering 22 (1), 57-73.

Professional society activity:
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
American Fisheries Society
World Aquaculture Society

Honors and awards:
Patent: Concentration and Separation of Lipids from Renewable Resources. Clemson University, 2007.

WFB 416: Fishery Biology
WFB 418: Fishery Conservation
WFB 450: Aquaculture

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