John Perkins Chastain, PhD

Associate Professor, Agricultural Waste Management

Office: 864-656-4089

Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering (Biosystems Emphasis), 1991,
          University of Kentucky
M.S.A.E  Agricultural Engineering, 1987, University of Kentucky
B.S.A.E  Agricultural Engineering, 1982, University of Georgia

Service at Clemson University:
7/01 – present: Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering,Clemson University
8/95 – 7/01: Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Clemson University

Other Related Experience:
1/96-9/99: Served as a design consultant for several dairy production systems in Minnesota.

6/19/96 -6/30/96: Dairy housing systems consultant for an international development project sponsored by USAID and Land 'O Lakes in Uganda, East Africa.

1/94 -8/94: Served as a design consultant for dairy facility renovations for the Privolnaya Collective Farm, Privolnalya,Russia

12/91 -9/15/95: Assistant Professor, Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering ,University of Minnesota,
Dairy Housing and Waste Management Systems, Associate Member of the Graduate Faculty.

10/86 -6/91: Research Specialist, Agricultural Engineering Department, University of Kentucky.

1/84 -10/86 : Research Assistant, Agricultural Engineering Department,University of Kentucky.

9/82 -9/83 : Instructor and Agricultural Consultant, Chamuhawi Christian Training and Rural Development Center, Tanzania, East Africa

Development and implementation of an extension and applied research program in animal waste management and production systems. Areas of responsibility include: animal waste collection and storage systems, land application of animal wastes, alternative uses of animal waste, control of indoor environment to optimize productivity and protect worker health, odor control from animal production units, design of animal production facilities (swine, poultry, dairy, beef), planning of animal production systems to protect surface and ground water quality, ventilation system design, lighting system design, and general livestock facility design.

Research Interest:
Agricultural Waste Treatment Technologies:
On-Farm Biogas Production and Utilization for SC Livestock and Poultry Operations (PDF File, 151 KB)
Removal of Solids and Plant Nutrients from Swine Manure Using a Screw Press (PDF File, 34 KB)
Effectiveness of Liquid-Solid Separation Technologies on a Flush Dairy: A Case Study A Thickening Process for Reducing the Cost of Utilizing Dairy Lagoon Sludge (PDF File, 55 KB)
Treatment of Lagoon Sludge and Liquid Animal Manure Utilizing Geotextile Filtration (PDF File, 244 KB)
Cost of Traditional and Selected Alternative Manure Treatment and Storage Systems for Swine Finishing Farms Using a Partial Budget (PDF File, 194 KB)
Correlation Equations to Predict the Solids and Plant Nutrient Removal Efficiencies for Gravity Settling of Swine Manure (PDF File, 64 KB)
Fractionation of Solids,Plant Nutrients, and Carbon as a Result of Screening Broiler Litter (PDF File, 293 KB)

Environmental Impacts of Handling, Storage and Utilization of Agricultural Wastes:
Reducing The Impact Of Animal Agriculture On The Environment: An Extension Initiative (PDF File, 2,784 KB)
Application of A Gaussian Plume Model of Odor Dispersion To Select A Site For Livestock Facilities (PDF File, 158 KB)
Evaluation of Biosafe® as an Additive to Reduce Odor from Swine Manure (PDF File, 161 KB)
Tree Growth Benefits and Water Quality Impacts of Using Animal Manure to Fertilize Pine Plantations (PDF File, 444 KB)
Nutrient Content of Livestock and Poultry Manure (PDF File, 658 KB)
Ammonia Volatilization Resulting From Application of Liquid Swine Manure and Turkey Litter in Commercial Pine Plantations.
Ammonia Volatilization Losses During Sprinkler Irrigation of Animal Manure
(PDF File, 179 KB)

Design of Animal Production Facilities:
Energy Efficient Ventilation and Lighting Systems for Livestock Production Facilities (PDF File, 21 KB)
Lighting Design for Livestock Buildings (PDF File, 18 KB)
Milking Center Planning For The Expanding Dairy (PDF File, 136 KB)
Planning Freestall Facilities for the Expanding Dairy (PDF File, 111 KB)
Design of Spaces to Enhance Cow Management and Care (PDF File, 126 KB)
Design and Management of Natural Ventilation Systems (PDF File, 142 KB)

Professional Societies:
American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1988 - present
Water Environment Federation, 2000 – present

Honors and Awards:
Alpha Epsilon, Agricultural Engineering Honor Society
Gamma Sigma Delta, Agricultural Honor Society
Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society
Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Honor Society
E.G. Dawson Scholarship, University of Georgia
Hugar F. Wilkes Scholarship, University of Georgia
Outstanding Young Men of America
ASAE Educational Aids Competition Blue Ribbon Award for Circulars,
Circular Title: Electric Energy Usage on Kentucky Dairies.
ASAE Educational Aids Competition Blue Ribbon Award for Videotapes,
Title: Reducing Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle.
Outstanding Reviewer for the Structures and Environment Division of ASAE.
Who’s Who in American Agriculture.

State in which registered:
FE, 1982