Dr. William Rockie English

Associate Professor, Water Quality Extension Specialist

Rockie EnglishEmail: renglsh@clemson.edu
Office: 864-656-4861

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. Clemson University, Entomology - 1991
M.S. University of Missouri, Fisheries Biology - 1983
B.S. Oregon State University, Fisheries -1980

Research interest:
Research focus is on stream and watershed ecology. This includes determining how changing land use impacts the biotic integrity of streams and watersheds. I currently serve as Director of SCDHEC Certified Water Resources Laboratories for testing of Fecal coliform and Macroinvertebrates.

English, W.R. 2004, Creek*A*Syst, Extension Bulletin 157, Clemson University, 10 pp.
Gertsiva, V.V., J. E. Schindler, N.Y. Ponomarey, W. R. English, 2004, A simulation model of the dynamics of macroinvertebrate communities, Ecological Modeling 176, 173-186.
English, W.R., B. Pinkerton, T. Wilson, G. Yarrow, 2004, Riparian Area Management Handbook for Agriculture and Forestry Lands, Clemson University Extension Bulletin, 42 pp.
Williams, T. M., D. J. Lipscomb, W. R. English, 2003, Mapping Variable width Streamside Management Zones for Water Quality Protection. Biomass and Bioenergy 24, Elsevier Science Ltd. pp 329-336.

Professional society activity:
North American Benthological Society
Soil and Water Conservation Society

FOR 406 Forested Watershed Management
FOR 466/666 Stream Ecology
FOR/FNR 893 Selected Topics in Water Quality
FNR 499 Creative Inquiry-Watershed Assessment
FOR/ WFB 891 Masters Research
FOR/WFB 991 Doctoral Research Research