Donald Hagan

Lecturer, Forest Ecology, Forest Soils, Invasion Ecology

Office: (864) 656-7333

212 Lehotsky Hall

PhD – University of Florida – Forest Ecology/Soils – 2012
MS – University of Florida – Interdisciplinary Ecology – 2008
BS – University of West Florida – Environmental Studies/Policy – 2002

Research interest:
Forest ecology, forest soils, invasion ecology

Hagan D.L., Jose S. and Lin C. (In review). Novel rhizosphere chemistry of cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica): implications for the performance of native pine savanna species in the southeastern US. Journal of Chemical Ecology. INVITED.
Hagan D.L. and Jose S. (In press). Chapter 7: Mycorrhizae and alien plants. In: Jose S. (Ed). Invasive Plant Ecology. CRC Press/Taylor and Francis.
Hagan D.L., Dobbs C., Timilsina N., Escobedo F., Toor G. and Andreu M. (2012). Anthropogenic effects on the physical and chemical properties of subtropical coastal urban soils. Soil Use and Management 28(1):78-88.
Hagan D.L. and Jose S. (2011). Interspecific competition enhances nitrogen fixation in an actinorhizal shrub. Plant Ecology 212(1):63-68.
Shields J., Jose S., Freeman J., Bunyan M., Celis G., Hagan D.L., Morgan M. and Zak J. (2011). Short- term impacts of laurel wilt on redbay (Persea borbonia (L.) Spreng.) mortality and stand-level forest measures in a mixed evergreen-deciduous forest in northern Florida. Journal of Forestry 109(2):82-88
Hagan D.L., Jose S., Thetford M. and Bohn K. (2010). Partitioning of applied 15N fertilizer in a longleaf pine- native woody ornamental intercropping system. Agroforestry Systems 79(1):47-57.
Hagan D.L., Jose S., Thetford M. and Bohn K. (2009). Production physiology of three native shrubs intercropped in a young longleaf pine plantation. Agroforestry Systems 76(2):283-294. Also published in: Jose S. (Ed.) 2009. Agroforestry for Commodity Production: Ecological and Social Dimensions. Springer.

FOR205 Dendrology
FOR206 Forest Ecology
FOR251 Forest Communities
FOR252 Forest Operations
FNR499 Natural Resources Seminar
FOR805 Forest Landscape Ecosystems