David S. Jachowski

Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology

Jachowski Head shotEmail: djachow@clemson.edu
Office: 864-656-2138

PhD, 2012, University of Missouri
MS, 2007, University of Missouri
BS, 1999, University of Montana

Research interest:
My research centers on the investigation of wildlife ecology at three levels: community–level interactions, population-level processes, and physiology and behavior of individual animals. At each level, I often use a combination of field monitoring, laboratory techniques and statistical methods to both better understand observed patterns, and predict the impacts of current and future disturbances. Further, by integrating the resulting data streams across these three levels, I seek to identify linkages that can advance our understanding of wildlife ecology and provide information needed for resource management.

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Professional society activity:
The Wildlife Society, Society for Conservation Biology, American Society of Mammalogists