Dr. Ron J. Johnson

Professor Emeritus, Wildlife Biology/Biosystems

johnson_ron.jpgEmail: ronj@clemson.edu

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. Cornell University, Wildlife Science - 1979
(Minors: Behavioral Biology; Communication Arts)
M.S. The Ohio State University, Wildlife Ecology - 1973
B.S. The Ohio State University, Wildlife Management - 1968

Research interest:
Research Areas Include: 1) Avian conservation and function in managed landscapes, primarily agroecosystems, to sustain both production & ecosystem services (e.g., Healthy Farm Index: http://hfi.unl.edu/; bird-friendly farming); 2) Climate relationships with avian life history and phenology across trophic levels; 3) Ecological and behavioral aspects of wildlife damage

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Professional society activity:
Ecological Society of America
Society for Conservation Biology
The Wildlife Society

WFB 300 - Wildlife Biology
WFB 306 - Introduction to Wildlife Conservation
FNR 470 - Creative Inquiry, Bird migration and climate (with J. Courter, PhD Candidate