Stephen Kresovich

Coker Chair in Molecular Genetics, SmartState Chair of Genomics

kresovich.jpegOffice: (864) 656-1194

School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences/Genetics and biochemistry

318 Biosystems Research Complex

Ph.D. Agronomy (Physiology and Genetics), Ohio State University


Research interest:
Plant Genetics and Biochemistry Genomics, Bioinformatics and Population Genetics

Morris, G.P., D.H. Rhodes, Z. Brenton, P. Ramu, V.M. Thayil, S. Deshpande, C.T. Hash, C. Acharya, S.E. Mitchell, E.S. Buckler, J. Yu, and S. Kresovich.. Accepted. Dissecting genome-wide association signals for loss-of-function phenotypes in sorghum flavonoid pigmentation traits. Genes, Genomes, and Genetics.

Morris, G.P., P. Ramu, S.P. Deshpande, C.T. Hash, T. Shah, H.D. Upadhyaya, O. Riera-Lizarazu, P.J. Brown, C.B. Acharya, S.E. Mitchell, J. Harriman, J.C. Glaubitz, E.S. Buckler, and S. Kresovich. 2013. Population genomic and genome-wide association studies of agroclimatic traits in sorghum. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 110: 453-458.

Kimber, C.T., J.A. Dahlberg, and S. Kresovich. 2012. The genepool of Sorghum bicolor and its improvement. In: Genetics and Genomics of the Saccharinae, pp. 23-42. A.H. Paterson, ed., Springer.

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Brown, P.J., S. Myles, and S. Kresovich. 2011. The genetic basis of racial classification in sorghum. Crop Sci. 51:224-230.

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Honors and awards:
Outstanding manuscript on “Plant Genetic Resources”, Crop Science, 2011
Fellow, Crop Science Society of America, 1996
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1995