Shannon G. Lawrence

Lecturer, Agricultural Education

Office: 864-656-5675

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

253 McAdams

Ph.D. Texas A&M University — 2012
MAL University of Georgia — 2004
BS University of Georgia — 2003

Research interest:
New Teacher Induction; Experiential Learning; Agricultural Mechanics; STEM Integration; SAE Development and Implementation; Diversity in Agricultural Education; Leadership in Agriculture

Leggette, H. R., Lawrence, S. G., Merten, K. J., McGuill, P. K., (2012). Perceived Impact of the 2011 Texas 4-H Roundup on Participants' Development of Life Skills. Journal of Extension.
Lawrence, S., Moore, L.L., Rayfield, J. & Outley, C. (2012) An Analysis of FFA Chapter Demographics as Compared to Schools and Communities. Proceedings of the National AAAE Conference, May 15-18, Asheville, NC.
McKim, B. R., Leggette, H. R., Prince, D. W., Black, C. K., & Lawrence, S. G. (2012). An Ethnographic Study of a Post-Secondary High-Impact Field Experience: Understanding Experiential Learning on the Road to the National FFA Convention. Proceedings of the National AAAE Conference, May 15-18, Asheville, NC.
Lawrence, S.G. & Rayfield, J. (2012) School Gardens: Ripe with STEM and Experiential Learning; Fertile soil for Agricultural Program Growth. The Agricultural Education Magazine, 84(4), 7-8.
Lawrence, S.G. & Rayfield, J. (2011) Maintaining an Adequate Supply of Agricultural Teachers, What is Your Role? The Agricultural Education Magazine, 84(1), 8,12.
Leggette, H., Lawrence, S., & Charanza, A. (2011, May). Using apps as educational tools in agriculture: A review of literature. Accepted for presentation at the American Association of Agricultural Educators National Conference, Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Professional society activity:
American Association for Agricultural Education

Team and Organizational Leadership in the Food and Fiber System (AG ED 355)
Directed Teaching (AG ED 406)
Teaching Agricultural Mechanics (AG ED 425, 625)